Our Methodology

Our team has done a tremendous job, collecting hundreds of anonymous reviews of top online writing services. All the participants of our independent research were either professional writers with 10-15 years of experience or college graduates who used custom writing services more than once.

Additionally, we’ve done an in-depth research of review websites, including but not limited to sitejabber.com and trustpilot.com. All the collected information was critically analyzed to minimize the potential bias and maximize the practical value of the research results. The main criteria for evaluation included convenience of services, prices, availability of free offers and customer support. Based on these findings, we’ve compiled the following lists of the best writing services, divided into groups according to the assignment types.

1. TOP 20 Custom Writing Services

This page can serve as a guide for choosing a trusted custom writing service. Importantly, students can find all the most essential information in one place.The services are arranged from the most popular to the least popular one, but all of them are reliable enough.
First, for every website, you will find a brief but succinct description of the service type and its main advantages. You will get basic understanding of the services offered by the company. Second, you will see the pricing range, including the minimum and maximum price and the main parameters which influence the total amount to be paid. This option will be highly appreciated by the students who were previously searching forthe best deals on tens of websites. Now everything is on one page. Finally, you will find the real life reviews from other students, which can be more convincing than numerous pages of explanations from those who are not in the same boat with you.

2. TOP 20 Personal Statement Writing Services

On this page, you will find a detailed review of the most popular personal statement services. Of course, in most cases, it is possible to order this kind of service from any writing service you trust. However, the result will be significantly better if the company specializes in this type of writing. The services are arranged from the most popular to the least popular one. The average price per page is mentioned for every writing company, but this parameter was not used as a criterion for sorting out the services. When it comes to personal statement writing, the number of pages is not as important as the quality of content. Furthermore, personal statement creation requires effective communication with your writer and his/her professional guidance. For this purpose, you may need specialized features, like chat or message notifications. The availability of these features is discussed on this page as well.

3. TOP 20 Essay Writing Services

The choice of an essay writing service assistant is a responsible task, and this page will give you a basic idea of the best available service providers. On this page, you will see a critical review of top 20 essay writing services. The main criteria for comparison included the service rating, available services and extra features, convenience of the website and pricing policy. Additionally, here you will find real life reviews from the users who decided to share their experience with the service. Importantly, all of the websites from the list value their reputation and guarantee 100% confidentiality and plagiarism free content. However, if you want to choose the best writing company matching your individual needs, you may want to focus on available deadlines and extra features, ranging from different citation styles and formats to free unlimited revisions and brainstorming ideas for your essays from certified writers. If you are interested in hot deals and compare prices, kindly note that some companies offer great discounts, and some of them are seasonal and could not be included into the list.

4. TOP 20 Research Paper Writing Services

If you don’t want to do an extensive research to find a worthy research paper writing service, this page was created for you. Here you will find top 20 tried and tested research paper writing companies all in one place. For your convenience, all the writing websites were arranged from the most popular to the least popular. Even though all the websites included into this list are reliable, you may want to pay special attention to extra features, like opportunity to order only a part of the research project, for example, you may need help only with the literature review or the choice of a good topic. Some online writing companies are ready to lend you a helping hand on any stage of your investigation. On this page, you will find the information on the pricing policy of the companies. Importantly, in most cases the study level you order will influence the total price. However, there is no sense compromising the quality of research. It is important to choose the study level you need, so you should take it into account when calculating your total budget.

5. TOP 20 Assignment Writing Services

Sometimes your professors can get overly inspired and give you a unique task which is not mentioned in any of the available services lists.In that case, you may need to look for an assignment writing service. Furthermore, assignment writing companies can tackle some complicated tasks, including Math, Physics or IT courses etc. Anyway, in this type of situation it is always better to discuss your unique task and requirements with a support representative in chat. Furthermore, it is advisable to make sure that your order is accepted by a qualified writer. It is possible that the writer you need may be unavailable at that specific moment. Fortunately, here you have this 20 writing websites compilation. On this page, you will find a list of top 20 assignment writing companies. Furthermore, you will see a brief review of all the pros and cons of these particular writing websites. All the essential information on prices, discounts and available features is included.

6. TOP 20 Dissertation Writing Services

When you are looking for a dissertation writing company, not a single grade, but your whole degree and professional career are at stake. That’s why when compiling this list of top 20 dissertation writing companies, we were especially skeptical and critical. Having dug through tons of student and professional reviews, we have selected these 20 trustworthy websites.Even though the dissertation writing service, which requires a lot of time and effort, is more expensive than any other service, you may want to search for better deals. For this purpose, you may use this list, where you have all the pricing quotes for each of these companies. Whereas we don’t recommend using pricing as the main criterion for selecting a service, we have arranged the services, based on their overall rating, not on their pricing standards. Additionally, you will get all the necessary information on the available services, including features, free extras, discounts and user reviews.

7. TOP 20 Thesis Writing Services

There is no place for risky experiments when it comes to choosing a thesis writing service. Therefore, this list of top 20 most reliable thesis writing companies is a must-have for anyone who has courage to ask for expert help when working on this arguably most important in life project. All the writing websites included into this list have passed serious selection procedures. The first and foremost requirement to be included into this list was quality content and 100% confidentiality guaranteed to the users. Next, we included only companies which employ certified writers from the English speaking countries. So, to choose the most appropriate service matching all of your needs, you may want to check out the different prices and extra features offered by the different services, which are discussed on this page as well. Furthermore, you will see the real life user reviews with your own eyes, so that you can feel more confident when entrusting your important project to an expert.

8. TOP 20 Proofreading and Editing Services

It is possible that you are pretty good at writing yourself. You may generate brilliant ideas a mile a minute and can even write them down without losing train of thought. However, if you feel that your project still lacks some final touches, this list of top 20 proofreading and editing services is what you need. Even though most of online writing services can help you polishing your paper, the companies included into this list can do it perfectly. In most cases, editing and proofreading are twice as cheap than a page of writing done from scratch. However, it is important to understand that proofreading is only about improving grammar and some formulations, without fact checking and adding ideas. If you need more in-depth evaluation and correction of your project, you may want to request copy-editing, which can be slightly more expensive, but it is definitely worth it. Importantly, you will find basic pricing lists and available services in different companies on this page.

9. TOP 20 Cover Letter Writing Services

No matter if you have already graduated from college, are in the middle of your course or just want to send some documents to a college of your dreams, you may need to write a killer cover letter. Despite the seeming simplicity, it is important to know a couple of secrets to writing a winning cover letter. And the expert writers employed by the top 20 cover letter writing services included into this list do know them. There is no second chance to produce the first impression, and this is exactly what your cover letter is meant to achieve. This list of the most reliable and experienced writing services specializing in cover letter writing will help you make the right choice. Notably, cover letters are not long, but require more time and effort. Therefore, they can be a bit more expensive than other writing services. You will see the prices and available options on the same page.

10. TOP 20 Resume Writing Services

Living in a world where review of one resume by a recruiter may take less than 2 seconds, using a professional resume writing service is a necessity. Even if you don’t have enough experience, creating a really attractive resume is possible. And expert writers from these top 20 resume writing services are ready to provide you with a proof. The main parameters for including writing services into this list are their professionalism, confidentiality and positive user feedbacks. Along with discussion of all of these parameters, you will find some extra information on their prices, discounts, special offers and extra features you may need. The result of this type of services will depend upon your effective communication with your writer. That’s why, taking into account the available communication channels would be reasonable. Additionally, checking the real life user reviews, which are also posted on this page can be inspiring and invaluable.

At the bottom of every page, you’ll see a field, where you can leave your feedback if you had experience of using any online writing services for completing various types of writing projects.

We hope that with the help of this website, you’ll be able to choose a really trustworthy custom writing service. And maybe you’ll contribute to our website, adding your reviews, as we are interested in providingthe most reliable and up-to-date information!