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Your use of our website

Top20WritingServices.com’s main purpose is to provide objective reviews and critical information regarding online writing assistance services. To fulfill this purpose, the visitors of this website are encouraged to post your testimonials and opinions regarding the aforementioned services or custom writing assistance in general.

By using our website, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Any information you provide is accurate, true, and as current as possible. Your testimonial are based on this information.
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  3. You provide accurate personal information to our team when you submit any content, materials, or suggestions for reviews.

On our side, we provide the following:

  1. Any information that we collect about the users who later turn out to be under 18 years of age is deleted from our system immediately. Such users are restricted further access to our website.
  2. Access to our website can be restricted to any user for any reason we consider appropriate, including but not limited to violation of these Terms and other policies.
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  4. Users may be offered incentives for review submission. In these cases, we are not imperative regarding the quality of the reviews. Top20WritingServices expects users to provide only honest and factual information that corresponds to their experiences.

Prohibited Activities

  1. All materials and content found on this website belong only to the Top20WritingServices company. Visitors and users of the website must not copy, modify, distribute, transfer, sell, display, or otherwise distribute the materials and content without our explicit permission.
  2. Using materials and content of Top20WritingServices website for commercial purposes.
  3. Copying materials and content published on Top20WritingServices website using any automated means, including but not limited to spiders, scrapers, and robots, unless explicit permission was given from us.
  4. Uploading any content that may cause an overload of our systems.
  5. Copying any content or materials found on this website on another website.
  6. Posting any reviews of products or services offered by a current employer, past employer, or any competitor of an employer.

Posting Reviews and Using Interface of Top20WritingServices.com

Top20WritingServices encourages submissions from all of its visitors. By submitting any content or materials to our website, the user agrees that Top20WritingServices and all its affiliates reserve the right to use that content or materials freely at their disposal. These rights include but are not limited to:

  1. Copying, modifying, and distributing the content at any place on Top20WritingServices website and other channels of media through the use of word-of-mouth, the internet, and others.
  2. Disclosing the full name of the user only in cases required by any judicial actions and organizations, including but not limited to law enforcement officials and court orders.
  3. Publishing any content in our name. No reviews are published on behalf of any user.

By using our website, the user agrees that they do not post any content that is copyrighted, is a property of any third party, or is otherwise covered by any legal protections from public disclosure.

Top20WritingServices provides review services and contains other areas accessible to the user. Users reserve the right to send testimonials, critical information, and information describing their experiences with online writing services. Users agrees to hold complete responsibility for the content they publish at their own risk. Top20WritingServices provides no protection for the content that the users post, or the content posted by other users.

By submitting their content, users must agree to not post the content containing the following characteristics:

  1. Any kind of illegal, libelous, obscene, harassing, threatening, fraudulent, or otherwise inappropriate content.
  2. Any kind of content that encourages criminal activity, violation of the laws and rights of the others, or other violations of any regional, state, national, or international regulations.
  3. Any kind of content that infringes upon any kind of copyrighted material of any entity.
  4. Any kind of content that suggests impersonating another individual or entity or that misrepresents the user’s affiliation with another individual or entity.
  5. Any kind of advertising content, contest or political campaigning.
  6. Any kind of content revealing personal information of any other individual.
  7. Any kind of content that promotes other entities, products, or services.
  8. Any kind of content unrelated to the subject matter of the website or interactive area.

Top20WritingServices does not take any responsibility or assumes any liability for the materials and content published by any user as well as any consequences, loss, or damage to the user as a result of using this website.

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